Car Accident? As low as 20% Fee

Car accident

Injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident?

Being injured can be a nightmare especially when the insurance companies do not cooperate. LOWEST PRICE LAWYERS will provide an aggressive approach to handling your case in order to get you the maximum amount of money as possible for your injuries. This may include compensation for medical treatment, loss wages, future medical expenses, pain and suffering etc. 

No Fee Unless We Win and as low as 20% Fee When We Win*

We care about our clients. We care so much that we don't just say it, we show it by having the lowest attorney fee in town (that we know of)  for representation in connection with motor vehicle accidents.  We will work with you every step of the way to make sure that you understand the process and make sure that you are completely compensated for your damages. 

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*Certain restrictions apply

Car Accident? What To Do...

Being in a car accident or any type of motor vehicle accident (such as motorcycle or trucking accident) can be a stressful experience for anyone including the injured person. It is important to take certain steps to protect yourself and your rights to ensure that your case is properly set up to be handled by your attorney. If you are in a conscious state, move your car to a safe location. Then, you should call 911, even if you believe your injury is minor. Take pictures of the collision, damage to each vehicle involved in the accident, including the license plates of each vehicle, and take pictures of the scene. Once, the police and ambulance arrive, give a full report of what happened as detailed as possible. This is to ensure that everything is documented. 

If you are injured, it is important to seek medical treatment, such as taking an ambulance to the hospital emergency room. It is essential to seek medical treatment to ensure that your injuries are documented. If you are in a car accident, you should call an attorney immediately to walk you through the steps. Call LOWEST PRICE LAWYERS at 702-434-4424. We help car accident victims throughout Las Vegas, including Henderson, North Las Vegas and surrounding areas. 

Recoverable Damages in a Car Accident Case

Being in a automobile accident is a scary and horrible situation that no one wants to happen but unfortunately they do occur and you need a good attorney to help and assist you in the aftermath of that accident and who will make sure you get compensated justly and rightfully so for the suffering endured by you. Under Nevada law there are damages that can be attained after being in a automobile accident. 

There are two categories of damages listed under Nevada law:

ECONOMIC DAMAGES refers to compensation for objectively verifiable monetary losses such as past and future medical expenses, loss of past and future earnings, loss of use of property, costs of repair or replacement of property. In other words, economic damages are tangible damages that can easily be quantified. 


Damages for medical treatment: Include the trip to the emergency room,  doctor's visits, testing done to diagnose the injuries of the person injured, costs for surgical procedures whether minor or major that was caused by the accident, physical therapy services if necessary for the recovery from the accident, medication that was needed for treatment after the injury occurred, anything else bought by the injured person for their care and medical needs like ice packs, neosporin, bandages, prescriptions, etc.,

Damages for care or custody: Includes the cost of hiring someone to take care of the household and of the person.

Damages for loss of earnings and/or earning capacity: This includes the injured person taking time off work to recover from the accident  and/or reduces the number of hours or days working to recover from the accident.

This can also include damages if the injured person is forced to find work in another position with less pay as a result of the injuries. 

Property Damages:  Not only can you be covered for having to make repairs to your car, but you can recover the replacement value  if it was deemed a total loss. You may also recover from the loss of use of your vehicle even if you were unable to afford a rental car. 

Other damages could include the gas and mileage to your doctor's visits. It is important to keep a detailed log of the dates and miles driven as a result of your medical treatment. The IRS standard as of 2019 is 20 cents per mile. 

NON-ECONOMIC DAMAGES: Includes pain, emotional anguish, humiliation loss of enjoyment of activities etc. 

Damages for Pain and Suffering: Besides the cost of having to be treated because of the accident, the actual physical pain that a person endures throughout the recovery process, surgery and recovery, or constant pain and aches that they have to suffer through can also be compensated for when it comes to damages.

Damages for Emotional Affects resulting from the accident: After an accident, the physical pain on a person can cause the person's emotional state to decline and could result in depression sometimes and sometimes the person becomes more anxious after the accident or is in so much pain that their sleep is harmed which is important to mental health of a person or even if a accident is so horrendous the person may even suffer from more extreme psychological downfalls and all of these can be compensated for when it comes to damages.